50H Internship Programme

The 50H Internship Programme, managed by Innovus, provides students with 50 hours of practical experience in the areas of innovation, projects and commercialisation. Postgraduate business or technology-orientated students with an interest in innovation are encouraged to apply for the internship.

Interns who are selected for the programme are provided with workstations in the LaunchLab and are granted the opportunity to help with market research and financial modelling, participate in brainstorming sessions, as well as working on ad hoc Innovus projects.

“The interns working in the LaunchLab have the opportunity to gain first-hand, practical experience of how business negotiations are conducted, how contracts are concluded and how technology is applied in business,” says Innovus CEO Anita Nel. “This kind of experience is invaluable on your CV when you enter the job market.”

To apply for the 50H Internship Programme, please contact info@launchlab.co.za.