All license fees for InductEx are structured yearly fees, payable to Stellenbosch University.

Note: All users can download capability-limited versions for free evaluation. Once a license fee is paid or academic status is verified, users are issued with a download code to access full versions.

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All item license fees are for a single seat in a department or division of an institution. Prices are in US dollars.
 A01 - InductEx Basic  A02 - InductEx Professional  A03 - Visualization tools
 A01 - InductEx Basic A02 - InductEx Professional  A03 - Visualization tools 
A01 - InductEx Basic:
A02 - InductEx Professional:
A03 - Visualization tools (3D visualization, current distribution, magnetic fields):
All consultation services are available for one year, with an upper limit of 10 hours for academic customers and 15 hours for commercial customers.
C01 - Expert modelling for extraction (processes and layouts), including execution of simulations on SU computers.:
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