Innovus E-News 01st Edition

InnovUS celebrates ten years InnovUS is the technology transfer company of Stellenbosch University (SU). "InnovUS has been in existence in various formats for the past ten years, which makes it one of the oldest of its kind in the country. Having pioneered technology transfer in South Africa, the commercialisation environment at SU has, however, eventually evolved into a clumsy structure. The introduction of the new Intellectual Property Rights Act (read more below) has provided an excellent opportunity to restructure the environment and we are now in the final stages of becoming a fully-fledged company with an empowered board of directors. The...

Have YOU walked Stellenbosch? T-shirt design competition takes a trip down memory lane

Have YOU walked Stellenbosch? T-shirt design competition takes a trip down memory lane As part of a recent collaboration between Innovus, SunCom and the Visual Arts Department of Stellenbosch University (SU), a design competition was held for the Visual Arts students that would take the most contemporary representations of our town and University, create t-shirts from them, and make them available to everyone. Many of the innovations and inventors that Innovus supports are scientific in nature, but our mandate is to encourage the unique talents and potential contributions of anyone in the SU family, and put them to commercial use. And, as...

A World-Class Gym Attracts Global Athletes

Two years ago, we decided to get Maties Gymnasium into shape. Now, in true gym fashion, it is pushing its local clientele harder, while it attracts others from around the globe. The Maties Gym was an icon that was in dire need of an update. Old-school equipment was strewn over worn-out surfaces, meaning that the other gyms in Stellenbosch provided a more functional, contemporary training area which was preferred by many. But, like the University’s HB Thom Theatre– now the Adam Small Theatre Complex – Maties Gymnasium has taken massive steps in record time to not only equal but far surpass what...
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