Innovus staff receive International technology transfer status

Innovus staff receive International technology transfer status

Three staff members of Innovus’s Technology Transfer Office received international recognition as professional technology transfer professionals from the Alliance for Technology Transfer Professionals. Joubert de Wet, Nolene Singh and Doris Peters are amongst a small group of just more than 564 technology transfer professionals who now have RTTP-status (Registered Technology Transfer Professional). Innovus now has twice as many RTTP professionals as the tech transfer office in second place on this metric in South Africa and that indicates the proven strength of our team.

RTTP is the internationally recognised framework that sets the standard for Technology Transfer (TT) practitioners. This status is the professionalisation of technology transfer as a career, and it offers TT practitioners recognition for reaching a peer-evaluated professional level in their career. RTTP also implies a commitment to an individual’s professional development and personal excellence and gives recognition to achieving world-class standards in job execution in this field.

“RTTP reflects competence,” says Anita Nel, Chief Director of Innovus. “This international designation shows employers, colleagues and partners that you have demonstrated the core competencies necessary to work effectively in the field of technology transfer and have sufficient experience to add significant value based on a recognised track record.”

Let’s hear what our three new RTTP’s has to say about their accomplishments:

Joubert de Wet:

“Being recognised by a group of highly experienced international peers as having the track record, experience and skills required to work effectively and add value in technology transfer is an exciting milestone in my professional journey.”

Nolene Singh:

“For me my RTTP status signifies me obtaining personal and professional credibility on an international level in technology transfer management.  It means that I have the necessary experience and skills to be a successful technology transfer professional. “

Doris Peters:

I have no words to explain how special and rewarding it is to achieve the RTTP status – to receive professional recognition from the technology transfer community (internationally) feels amazing and out of this world. I have never thought to apply for RTTP as it is only applicable to technology transfer professionals, but now that I have achieve this recognition, it can be open for any technology transfer administrator/officer/coordinator to take that chance and apply. I could also not have done this without the support of my team and especially Anita Nel, who inspires me every day to work and live outside my box.