Madelein Kleyn received international award

Madelein Kleyn received international award

Innovus’s Director of Technology Transfer, Dr Madelein Kleyn, received a Service Recognition Award for her services to Licensing Executives Society International (LESI), a resource for the members of the licensing profession involved with knowledge transfer between industries and with universities or government bodies. Madelein is the President of LES SA.

The society is a non-profit organisation that aims to encourage high professional standards among individuals engaged in the transfer and licensing of technology, to assist the members in improving their skills and techniques in licensing through self-education; attending educational activities; and through their exchange of information, both personally and by way of publications. LES informs the public, the business community, and governmental and international bodies about the economic significance of technology licensing and the importance of high standards required in the field and make available to its members the latest, most accurate information on the subject of technology licensing.

Under Madelein’s presidency, the activities of LES SA were acknowledged and recognised.  For the first time in the history of LES SA, the national society was nominated for two awards:  The Most Progressive Society of the Year and Society of the Year award.  LES SA received the most progressive society of the year award.

Under her leadership, LES SA established a Young Member Committee, Life Science Committee and an Education Committee – each being chaired by LES SA Board members.  The society also offered various advanced licensing training courses which Madelein, together with other trainers from LES SA, presented all across South Africa.

Madelein serves on the LESI Education Committee, the LESI leadership Management Committee and Co-Chair the LESI Technology and Patent Licensing Committee.