Axiology Labs and BioCODE

Axiology Labs and BioCODE

Stellenbosch University startup BioCODE develops rapid test and laboratory platform for COVID-19 testing labs

Stellenbosch University and Innovus startup BioCODE has developed a lab management software platform for research and pathology laboratories. This platform can also be implemented at COVID test laboratories of big corporates where they conduct independent lab-quality COVID tests for their employees. 

In collaboration with Axiology Labs, a South African laboratory equipment supply company, the lab-management platform, the new platform will assist with the tracking and management of stock and process efficiency. Gideon Burger, the founder of Axiology Labs, says their Long-term Survival and Health Solutions (LSH) provide equipment, consumables, and service delivery to laboratories. They are also responsible for the management thereof.

Managing Director of Biocode, Prof Resia Pretorius, said the laboratory management platform – which they coined the Nat2.0 platform – improves lab management procedures and ensures accurate stock tracking and management to ensure the laboratories run more effectively.

"With this management platform, we can now evaluate all laboratory diagnostic processes, shorten the turnaround time as well as costs of crucial pathology services. This platform will also be extremely helpful in laboratories where COVID testing is done," says Pretorius. "We can now keep track of all consumables to ensure efficient decision making in terms of stock usage for testing purposes. The platform enables us to track all processes and enable us to take immediate action to help with better decision making in a laboratory environment."