AI Coaching Spin-out Company

AI Coaching Spin-out Company

AI Coaching (Pty) Ltd

Company Overview

AI Coaching is a spinout company of Stellenbosch University.  The company’s vision is to democratise coaching by developing coaching chatbots that enable cost-effective and scalable coaching solutions.

The coaching chatbots are based on research performed at the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) under the guidance of Dr Nicky Terblanche, the head of the MPhil in Management Coaching programme.

Current Product Offering – Coach Vici the goal attainment chatbot

AI Coaching launched Coach Vici in 2021 as their first commercially available coaching chatbot. Coach Vici helps companies improve employee and organisational performance.

Research shows that people struggle to identify important goals and lack a structured approach to setting and achieving goals once identified. The uncertainty of whether they are focusing on what is essential and their inability to set achievable goals leads to demotivated, disengaged employees who don’t achieve their full potential.

Coaching in companies is usually reserved for Senior Management due to the cost. Coach Vici is a cost-effective and scalable way for companies to make goal attainment coaching accessible to all their employees.

Coach Vici, based on research performed at USB, is specifically developed to assist with goal attainment. The efficacy of Coach Vici was tested through research conducted by the University that showed Coach Vici was as effective as human coaches in goal attainment.

Coach Vici is available as a white-label solution to companies and coaching platforms. In addition, Coach Vici can seamlessly hand over to a human coach, whether from an internal panel or one of AI Coaching’s professional management coaches.

If you are interested in Coach Vici, please download the information at this link, or contact Joubert de Wet via email at

Future Products

AI Coaching continuously develops Coach Vici to ensure it provides the best possible outcomes for the employee and the company.

AI Coaching is investigating various other potential coaching chatbots that focus on areas of interest to our clients. These chatbots will be developed using the same process of a design based on research and rigorous testing to determine the efficacy of the chatbots.

Investment and Partnering

If you are interested in investing in AI Coaching or would like to partner with AI Coaching, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Joubert de Wet via email at