A World-Class Gym Attracts Global Athletes

A World-Class Gym Attracts Global Athletes

Two years ago, we decided to get Maties Gymnasium into shape. Now, in true gym fashion, it is pushing its local clientele harder, while it attracts others from around the globe.

The Maties Gym was an icon that was in dire need of an update. Old-school equipment was strewn over worn-out surfaces, meaning that the other gyms in Stellenbosch provided a more functional, contemporary training area which was preferred by many. But, like the University’s HB Thom Theatre– now the Adam Small Theatre Complex – Maties Gymnasium has taken massive steps in record time to not only equal but far surpass what other gyms are offering.

Thanks to the blood and sweat of General Manager, Francois Kotze and his team, the Gym is a shining beacon of athletic prowess. If you grab your towel and step through the doors today, you will find a virtual wonderland of some of the most high-tech equipment on which to get summer holiday ready.

In the few months since the upgrade was initiated, it has really found its stride. The High Performance area is almost completely refurbished (will be 100% by mid-December 2018), boasting new equipment from some of the world’s leading gym specialists. There are Keiser machines which use pneumatic-resistance instead of clunky manual weights, ensuring a more serene work-out environment. The TechnoGym equipment is there for those who feel the need to push their pulses up a notch, with rowers and treadmills. There are even Eleiko fitness products for the weight-lifters.

The athletics track (technically a part of Maties Athletics) is also brand-spanking new, and ready to rock. Finally, overseas athletes are starting to sprint back to Stellenbosch as their gym-away-from-home. Many international teams, especially from the colder climates like Europe, need somewhere to train outdoors when it is too cold in their countries of origin, but they still require world-class facilities and equipment on which to do so. Maties Gym is now one of the most attractive, functional training facilities in the Southern Hemisphere.

Over the next few months, while many locals are out of town visiting family, Stellenbosch will be welcoming the German Athletics Federation, Aspire Academy (Qatar), Canondale Factory Racing team, Vlaamse Atletiekliga (Belgium) and the Netherlands Paralympic Swimming team, who will be arriving to enjoy our friendly currency, awesome restaurants, nightlife and friendly faces while they keep themselves at the top of their game. The benefit of our gym to the surrounding town cannot be discounted.

As attractive as Maties Gym has become to global athletes, it always will be about supporting the locals. The Gym has increased its membership to 6800 active members (with an average of 2000 members using the facilities each day), and its revenue has increased by 35% in just 12 months, with only a minimum membership fee increase. Francois expects these to grow by about 20% in the next year.

To achieve the vast growth expectations in 2019, the Maties Gym team will be pushing even harder. There are plans to revamp the 2nd floor of the Gym includingthe equipment and the changerooms. The smaller Tygerberg Campus facility will also be finally getting those new spinning bikes everyone has been clamouring for.