Innovus E-News 40th Edition

Innovus E-News 40th Edition

Stellenbosch University and LaunchLab start-up engagement

When Stellenbosch University and Innovus founded the LaunchLab in 2013, the primary purpose was to incubate spin-out companies from the University. But, the impact of the LaunchLab has reached far beyond that initial vision.

Only 15% of current LaunchLab companies are university spin-outs or managed by students, and all the rest are alumni or other entrepreneurs that have chosen to make the LaunchLab their start-up home. One really exciting prospect that we have seen develop in this budding knowledge region of Stellenbosch, is the extent to which our start-ups are using the university’s knowledge and research talent to grow their businesses, where the start-up has become a supplier to or customer of Stellenbosch University (SU). Read More


Taking Advantage of The Digital Economy – Commercialising Our Assets Through Airbnb and Takealot

We are constantly being creative when it comes to commercialising Stellenbosch University’s assets. Two of the biggest electronic platforms of their kind, Airbnb and Takealot, will be helping us do so like never before.

Up until a few years ago, even with decent internet access, shopping was still something you did with your feet. If you wanted something (perhaps you had seen it online?), you had to visit a variety of stores, compare prices, quality and stock availability, before you decided on the one you wanted, paid for it, and left with it in a bag. The market for temporary property (for, something like a holiday) was also not much further ahead, but at least you could compare locations and prices from behind the comfort of your desk. Read More


AxioVR: Scaring the Fear Out Of People

It seems counterintuitive to use virtual reality to treat fear, rather than create it, but that is exactly what the brilliant minds behind AxioVR are doing.

What makes humans such an interesting, complex species is our range of emotions. We feel love, we feel anger, we have hope, happiness and we show disgust. Yet, another emotion that is intrinsically tied to the human condition is fear. And while fear keeps us safe, and from doing silly things that may mean the end of that human condition, it is often completely irrational. Meet ‘Team Terror’. Or, as they refer to themselves, AxioVR. They are scaring the phobias out of sufferers, and doing so in one of the safest, most effective and technologically-advanced ways. Read More


A World-Class Gym Attracts Global Athletes

Two years ago, we decided to get Maties Gymnasium into shape. Now, in true gym fashion, it is pushing its local clientele harder, while it attracts others from around the globe. 

The Maties Gym was an icon that was in dire need of an update. Old-school equipment was strewn over worn-out surfaces, meaning that the other gyms in Stellenbosch provided a more functional, contemporary training area which was preferred by many. But, like the University’s HB Thom Theatre– now the Adam Small Theatre Complex – Maties Gymnasium has taken massive steps in record time to not only equal but far surpass what other gyms are offering.
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Welcome to the Family: Madelein Kleyn

If you have ever met a polymath, then you probably know our new Director of Technology Transfer, Madelein

It is not often that writing introductions to new Innovus family members makes me question whether or not I am really doing enough with my life, but this is the case with Madelein Kleyn. Read More


Have YOU walked Stellenbosch? T-shirt design competition takes a trip down memory lane

As  part of a recent collaboration between Innovus, SunCom and the Visual Arts Department of Stellenbosch University (SU), a design competition was held for the Visual Arts students that would take the most contemporary representations of our town and University, create t-shirts from them, and make them available to everyone

Many of the innovations and inventors that Innovus supports are scientific in nature, but our mandate is to encourage the unique talents and potential contributions of anyone in the SU family, and put them to commercial use. And, as most science is part art anyway, that is where we recently decided to focus. Read More