Innovus Newsletter 41st Edition

Innovus Newsletter 41st Edition

Making SU Innovation Matter in 2018

What we do at Innovus is not a job - it is a privilege - and 2018 has been a rewarding year for all of us. We have watched some great companies grow, while others have spun-out successfully.

We have seen massive amounts of disclosures, some amazing innovations that are set to shake the foundations of the world and met people that are even more remarkable in person than they are on LinkedIn. This is what we live for! And, so, this is a top-level review of our lives in 2018. Read More

The LaunchLab: A Year in Review

Events, programmes, awards. These are just a few of the things that made 2018 such an amazing year for us at the LaunchLab.

The LaunchLab is a safe place for viable start-ups to incubate as they grow, and where valuable connections can be made. It is where innovators like Custos can discuss prototype ideas with CubeSpace. It’s where BridgIot can rub shoulder with Teambix. But, we are so much more than a shared workspace, boardrooms and free internet, and this year we have done some incredible things. This is a (humble) recap of our 2018. Read More

App-solutely Innovative!

Every bank, borehole business, bagel bakery and barista have an app these days. But mobile applications are still one of the most convenient, accessible ways to connect people to things, and the business app industry is booming. Well, now Innovus has one, too.

At Innovus, there is no difficulty in finding incredible ideas; the ones that are set to change the world. The difficulty lies in finding the right people to help elevate those ideas to a level where they can compete on a global scale, and this often takes a while. Read More

Innovus - 2018 in Numbers

Numbers may not be everyone’s forte, but they do paint an accurate picture of the world.

Through them we understand exactly how things are performing, what trends look like, and the movement of different measurable criteria. Based on 2018’s numbers, the worlds of Innovus and SUNCOM, are looking pretty good. Read More

The Mission: Possible Team of BERG

For the past 8 years there is a group, working in the shadows to take healthcare innovations and bring them to life through engineering. That is the mission that they have chosen to accept. You may not know of them but, those who do, call them BERG (Biomedical Engineering Research Group at Stellenbosch University).

There are so many amazing medical innovations that come out of Stellenbosch University. There is Sensi Cardiac, which is a portable diagnostic tool that works like a Shazam for heart-beats, automatically detecting abnormal heart noises. There is the IRI, a ‘smart needle’ that uses sensors to help doctors and nurses find veins and arteries. – There is CONC which uses VR headsets for mobile phones and algorithms to detect concussions.  Read More