Innvovus - 2018 in Numbers

Innvovus - 2018 in Numbers

Numbers may not be everyone’s forte, but they do paint an accurate picture of the world. Through them we understand exactly how things are performing, what trends look like, and the movement of different measurable criteria. Based on 2018’s numbers, the worlds of Innovus and SUNCOM, are looking pretty good.

2018, for Innovus, was a year of consolidation and focus. Rather than aim for massive numbers of disclosures and patent applications, we decided to reduce the width of our vision, and rather focus on the depth. Our impressive list of registered trademarks, licences, patent applications, disclosures and spin-out companies is testament to the hard work of our researchers, inventors and staff.

Short Courses Division and SUNCOM are also showing high numbers from all the new courses and projects they have both initiated this year.

We are looking after the oldest bonsai tree in Africa, in our Botanical Garden that houses 3000 different plant species. We have nearly 8000 beds under managment in hostels, houses and flats. Our 480 printing devices produce more than 44 million prints and copies per annum and ourr Maties Dairy produce in excess of 2m litres of milk in a year.

It has been a tough year. It has been a challenging year. But when all is said and done, it has been a very good year for Innovus, Short Courses Division, SUNCOM, the University and the innovators, inventors, tourists and locals that we are essentially responsible for enabling. The full breakdown is ready for you to explore here, as we paint a picture, in numbers, of our world in 2018.