Innovus Newsletter 46th Edition

Innovus Newsletter 46th Edition

Five New Spinouts in lockdown for University of Stellenbosch Enterprises

During 2020, and despite the lockdown period, Stellenbosch University’s (SU) technology transfer team, Innovus, established and welcomed five new spinout companies.  The team also raised a total investment of R26 million for Stellenbosch University projects and spinout companies during the lockdown period with all staff members operating from their virtial offices. Read More.

Innovus celebrates brilliant minds at Innovation Awards 2020

It might have been an unusual year, but Innovus had still a lot to celebrate on their annual prestigious Innovation Awards. The event celebrates the successes of SU researchers, their innovation and successful commercialisation, as well as the sustainability and independence of SU’s group of companies. Read More.

Geosmart is spreading its wings as an affordable geospatial solution

Incubated by Innovus, Stellenbosch University's technology transfer office, Geosmart's advance space and geospatial application technology products and services now provide solutions for renewable energy projects, hydrodynamic modelling, telecom and electric infrastuctures, wastewater management, winegrowers, ecological modulating and fog-harvesting, to name but a few. Read More.

Lockdown 2020: GeoSUN’s best year ever

For many people 2020 was a challenging year. Businesses closed down, people were retrenched, and South Africa’s economy took a turn for the worst. However, it was not doom and gloom for everyone, ask GeoSUN Africa; this company just had their best year ever in which they managed to grow their business substantially and employed more staff. Read More.

Stellenbosch University IdeaSmash Winner for 2020 announced

Keaton Harris, a Stellenbosch University medical student at the Tygerberg campus is the 2020 winner of SU LaunchLab IdeaSmash competition in the existing business: technology category. Read More.

A New narrative around African Entrepreneurism

“We need more African unicorns. We need thousands of African entrepreneurs. We need another Silicon Valley in Africa.” Have you ever heard these statements? I hear them all the time – and I wholeheartedly disagree with them.” Read More.

Countdown 2020 Cohort World-Shaping Companies

This is an incredibly important question that marks the starting point of the entrepreneurial journey. Read More.

Stellenbosch University Welgevallen Cellar receives five silver medals in Veritas Awards

Despite a challenging year for the country’s wine industry, Stellenbosch University’s Welgevallen wine cellar received silver Veritas awards for all five the wines entered in this year’s competition. Read More.