Unveiling Fluorobiotech: We do protein expression that excites!

Unveiling Fluorobiotech: We do protein expression that excites!

Unveiling Fluorobiotech: We do protein expression that excites!

Have you ever wondered how the COVID-19 PCR test works and why we don't manufacture its components and other high-value enzymes and proteins in South Africa? Us too! Welcome to Fluorobiotech, a driving force in South African biotechnology. Since our January 2023 launch, we've been making waves, generating revenue, and cementing our place in the growing local biotech industry.


    Imagine proteins as an untapped resource of tiny machines that drive every living process.

    At Fluorobiotech, we’re on the verge of revolutionizing the global protein production process using our homegrown biotechnology that doesn’t rely on the big-budget luxuries of the global north. With an upcoming PCT patent filing, we are enabling access to new types of proteins which will allow research and industry to face current and future problems in the therapeutic, agricultural, and environmental spaces. For example, such proteins could include those that can help treat diseases like cancer, autoimmune disease, or pandemics. In agriculture they can address challenges like drought and water scarcity, or pest management. Finally, environmental challenges like pollution, waste reduction, energy efficiency and habitat restoration can be addressed.


    Fluorobiotech is more than a biotech company; we are a conduit for progress.

    We turn groundbreaking research into tangible solutions. Our mission? Transform scientific breakthroughs into real-world applications that benefit all by lowering the barriers to entry in the Biotech space.


    Investing in Fluorobiotech isn’t just an investment in a company; it is an investment in a future industry.

    Together with Stellenbosch University we want to drive the Biotech sector forward, leaving an indelible mark on South African scientific and industrial advancement.