The demand for animal protein is estimated to rise by 70% within the next 30 years. Current protein sources do not have the capacity to meet these demands and insect protein has gained attention as possible alternative. Using insects as a protein source isn’t a novel concept. The edible insect market will increase at a compounded annual growth rate of 23.8% from 2018 to 2023 and is projected to reach 8 billion USD while insects as animal feed is projected to reach 2.8 billion USD by 2030. The production of high-quality insects for feed and food purposes at constant quantities has been a limiting factor in the growth potential of insects as alternative protein source. SUSENTO rears black soldier fly larvae on agricultural by-products and with knowledge of insect nutrient requirements combined with feed formulation expertise allow for the production of consistent quality and quantities of insects. The biggest advantage of this industry is that it is totally sustainable. Little greenhouse gas emissions are produced when farming insects and a net gain of water is associated with this agricultural practice. Insects can produce up to 5000 times the amount of protein per hectare compared to that of soy and therefore could reduce deforestation associated with soy production. Insect protein can also relieve the pressure placed on our wild fish stocks.


Dr Michael Woods, CEO

As an animal scientist, Michael has been working on the project for 6 years and his post-graduate studies addressed the total chain approach of insect mass-production. He started researching insect farming during his master's degree studies, after realizing the business potential that this niche market holds. His consulting work in this regard has since taken him to 20 countries.

Dr Elsje Pieterse, CTO

Elsje, specialising in non-ruminant nutrition, is one of the world’s leading experts in insect farming. She has been working in the field for 28 years and started her research with the aim to reduce the incidence of water pollution due to organic waste entering ground fill sites.  Her research has included 19 species of insects, two molluscs as well as earth worms. She has been key in the development of insect mass rearing systems for various species and formulates feeds for these. She has done extensive research on the use of insect based feed products for use in ruminant, non-ruminant and aquaculture feeds.  Her research has shown the viability of farming with insects as well as the positive impact that the use of insect based feeds have on animal products. 

Dr Neill Goosen, Head of Engineering

As chemical engineer, Neill has been doing research in the field of protein hydrolysis for 9 years, and includes the engineering aspects (hydrolysis process development and optimization), and nutrition of the product in aquaculture feeds.  Neill is also one of the only specialists in protein hydrolysis in South Africa. His research has previously also led to the establishment of a commercial protein hydrolysis operation, and he has done consultation in the field for industry. His knowledge also includes nutritional aspects of utilizing hydrolyzed proteins in specialist aquaculture diets.


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Susento Eggs

Susento eggs are premium quality black soldier fly eggs with guaranteed hatching. One gram of egss can yield between 4000 – 7000 larvae. (Quantity: 1g - 30g)

Susento Feed

Susento BSF breeder and neonate feed is the first of its kind as it is specifically formulated according to the nutrient requirements of black soldier fly larvae for increased production efficiency. (Quantity: 30kg bags or per ton)

Susento Live

Susento live is a premium feeder insect for reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, small animals, fish and birds. They are also perfect for people looking to start their own colonies. Different ages as well as prepupae and pupae are available. (Quantity: 1kg – 30kg)

Susento Soil

Susento soil is the compost that is left at the end of our process and is high in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. (Quantity: 5kg – 30kg)

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