This page provides downloadable documents pertaining to Innovus policy and national legislation. Click on the relevant link below to download the document:

TIA Seed Fund template
Seed Fund application form
TIA Seed Fund placemat

NDA Thesis Evaluation

The Bio-economy Strategy

Innovus electronic guide

Intellectual property rights
Interpretation of the scope of the intellectual property rights from publicly financed research and development act (act 51 of 2008): Setting the scene

Disclosure Form
The purpose of the disclosure form is to disclose information voluntarily relating to a new business idea or invention to SU, so that SU may support the initiative taken by the disclosing party and to ensure that all possible intellectual property rights are adequately protected on behalf of the individual and SU. This will enable the individual and SU to exploit such an idea commercially in partnership, while the rights of the entrepreneur(s) are also protected.

Innovus Blurb - Marketing material for the Technology
Marketing material for available technology.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (Business)
SU non-disclosure agreement with businesses

Frame Non-Disclosure Agreement (Business)
SU frame non-disclosure agreement with businesses

IP Policy
SU policy in respect of the exploitation of intellectual property

South African Patent Act No. 57 of 1978
South African Patent Act

Plant Breeder’ Rights Act No. 15 of 1976
A system under which plant breeders' rights relating to varieties of certain kinds of plants may be granted and registered; for the requirements which have to be complied with for the grant of such rights; for the protection of such rights and the grant of licences in respect of the exercise thereof; and to provide for incidental matters.

Copyright Act No.98 of 1978
South African Copyright Act

Cineographic Act No.62 of 1977
South African Cineographic Act

Trade Marks Act No.194 of 1993
South African Trade Marks Act

GMO Act No. 15 of 1997
South African GMO Act

Intellectual Property Rights from Publicly Financed Research and Development Act No. 51 of 2008
South African IP Act

Regulations made in terms of Section 17 of the Intellectual Property Rights from Publicly Financed Research and Development Act No. 51 of 2008
South African IP Act regulations

Policy in Respect of the Use and Licensing of SU Trademarks

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