FluoroBiotech (Pty) Ltd

Scientists all over the world are working on solutions to humanities biggest challenges like climate change, environmental disaster, disease, and global pandemics. Nature provides us with the blueprints for a wealth of proteins that can help solve these problems and others that may arise in the future. While we have access to these blueprints, the process of actually making functional proteins can be very difficult and time-consuming.

At Fluorobiotech we are focused on revolutionising protein production in Africa by developing cutting-edge solutions for the production of high-quality, cost-effective recombinant proteins. Utilising advanced patent pending E. coli technologies, our team has developed a highly efficient and scalable production process that allows us to effectively produce a wide range of recombinant proteins locally.

Our experienced team of scientists can help simplify the design, production and optimisation steps to accelerate your research and commercial goals. Let us assist you in designing expression systems and producing the proteins you need for your research or industrial applications.