Stefan Du Toit

Stefan Du Toit

Innovation and Commercialisation Strategist

Stefan holds a CA(SA) qualification and completed his Honours degree in B. Acc at Stellenbosch University in 1999.

Throughout his career he has gravitated toward growth and innovation and has local and international experience.

His experience includes growth management at a NASDAQ listed company in the USA, turnaround and business management consulting, founding a company in SA focused on developing energy efficient products, energy hedging in Southern Africa, gearing up the international footprint of a SA media startup (into Europe, Asia, North and South America) and even taking some time after the financial crash to kitesurf his way through South America.

He is passionate about continuous learning and his focus and Innovus is the commercialisation of various assets at Stellenbosch University, as well technologies and intellectual property resulting from university activities.
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