Food Science NDP

Food Science NDP

Food Science 

New Product Development Presentation 

Faculty: AgriScience

Each year the 4th year Food Science students create Innovative food products for consumers as part of their final year project. It is the privilege and mandate of Innovus, Technology Transfer Office to assist with the commercialisation of these products. Every year a different theme is chosen that focuses on various consumer needs.  The 2020 theme is “Where does science meet New Product Development in addressing sustainable and affordable nutrition for the South African consumers”.  The majority of the South African population falls within the lower socio-economic measure (SEM) groups; and the challenge for 2020 was to find an affordable and nutritious product to cater for the larger portion of our population.

The following products were developed by the 4th year Food Science Students for 2020:

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this product development is based on theoretical calculations.

The final product has not yet been manufactured.


BHINZI is a plant-based corned meat alternative made from beans and vegetables. It is a source of protein and fibre, and is low in fat, as well as an excellent source of various micronutrients.

Gear Up

Gear Up is a chocolate and peanut butter flavoured drink made lentils, maize and sweet potato.  It is a source of protein and iron and high in energy.


New Yolk

New Yolk is a vegan liquid egg alternative made from green mung beans and upcycled aquafaba.  It is plant based and an alternate protein source.


Kidli – Powdered Milk Alternative made from White Kidney Beans. It is a plant-based, dairy alternatives, which is a source of nutrients that is lactose and allergen free.


Hluthi – a gluten imitation meat (wheat meat) in a chakalaka sauce with red kidney beans.  It is a plant-based protein alternative.


IIMBEWU – A minced meat alternative made from mango kernel flour.  It is high in protein, energy, vitamin A, vitamin B2 and B6.