An automated dispenser and User interface

An automated dispenser and User interface

Technology Description

Removable containers placed into the appliance base are lit up and dispensed when selected by the mobile app.  Automotive MOSFETS control pulsing solenoid actuators which dispense set volumes with each pulse using one-hot encoded input/output command protocol. Intentional design of the circuit and container aimed to replace the manual motions of opening a jar, scooping out a substance, leveling the volume and dropping the volume into a container with a single mechanical motion. Circuit design aimed to reduce the number of required components such that functionality could be performed primarily with transistors operating at 12V.

Target Industries

Domestic appliances – sugar, dry yeast, spices and other granulated substances; 

Equipment manufacturers -potential for dispensing fluids

Manufacturers – powders

Unique Features/Benefits

Alternate pinching of a flexible container fully isolates the dispensing substance from the moving parts, which may reduce mechanical wear caused when granules infiltrate a mechanical system. Research has shown the design of the pinching mechanism can simultaneously dispense the quantity while dislodging the remaining substance from the sidewalls, reducing the need for vibrating motors. The user interface was designed with reference to selected points from Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 and includes an optimized button configuration.

Innovation Status

A South African  complete patent application has been filed or this innovation (no. 2020/07775)

Principal Researchers

Kasper Kimberly, Department of Electrical and Electronic engineering, Stellenbosch University


Innovus is looking for commercialization partner to develop manufactured products using the core technology. 

Fund Requirements

Upgrading the prototype to South African Domestic Appliances Association (SADA) requirements

Available for licensing



Ian van Zyl


Registered IP