Splash grid for rain or spray zones

Splash grid for rain or spray zones

Technology Description

Power plant efficiency is generally determined by projected electricity tarrifs and power plant life cycle costs during the design phase. This technology can be installed below wet cooling tower fills to significantly enhance the thermal performance of the cooling towers, resulting in a reduction in power plant life-cycle costs.

The technology is a splashgrid specifically designed to maximise the probability of drop impingement on the grid while minimizing the gas-side pressure drop and probability of blockages. The impingement of the droplets reduces the drop-size , enhancing the heat and mass transfer between the liquid and gas.

Target Industries

Power Generation

Cooling Towers

Innovation Status

The technology was developed and tested in a laboratory environment.

The technology is protected by the following patents:

  1. South African patent nr. 2014/00015;
  2. United States patent nr. 9,389,030;

Principal Researchers

Prof Hanno Reuter

Available for licensing



Ian van Zyl


Registered IP