Kuze – Combination Sit/Stand Desk & Chair

Kuze – Combination Sit/Stand Desk & Chair

Technology Description

The KUZE is designed to meet current evidence-based recommendations to optimise health and school performance. It is a cost-efficient and space saving innovation which serves the dual purpose of a chair and a standing desk. The KUZE matches the anthropometrics of a wide range of learners from junior to secondary school because it adjustable to the size of the learner. It has 6 height settings and can easily adjusted.
The KUZE can be used as a chair or a sanding desk by lifting it onto the existing work surface. The multi-functionality of the KUZE means that it is cost-effective, increases the available floor space for group work and general mobility in the classroom.This also means that learners have the option to stand and work comfortably, thereby reducing sedentary behaviour and reducing the load on spinal structures.
Using the KUZE in standing may increase learner concentration and time on reading and writing tasks as reported by international studies. This has potential benefits for academic performance.

Target Industries

Although initially designed to improve dynamic school classroom ergonomics, the KUZE will also be suitable for the office or home office.

Unique Features/Benefits

The KUZE uses an innovative, height-adjusting and locking mechanism, it allows the child to move change position instantly, thereby not interfering from their academic work or disrupting the class. The KUZE features a slight slope that facilitates reading and writing, it also has a left and right slide out panel that enlarges the work surface when using more than one resource. These features make standing and working entirely feasible while enjoying the benefits of reduced sitting time.

- reduces the risk of chronic diseases of lifestyle and some cancers
- reduces the risk of developing costly musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain
- improves concentration time which optimises academic performance
- is space saving and durable

Innovation Status

This technology has been patented. 

Principal Researchers

Professor Quinette Louw, Division Of Physiotherapy,  Faculty  of  Medicine  &   Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University
Dr Sjan-Mari van Niekerk, Division Of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University
Mr Dominic Fisher, Division Of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University

Mr Jaco Langehoven, Jaco Studio


We are looking for a commercialisation partner.  

Fund Requirements

Funding is required for development and field testing of the commercialisation prototype. 

Available for licensing



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