Medical Implant For The Treatment Of Radius And Ulna Fractures

Medical Implant For The Treatment Of Radius And Ulna Fractures

Technology Description

Titanium intramedullary fluted nail with proximal and distal locking options.

Orthopedic surgeons are invariably faced with situations where contemporary surgical techniques and implants are not satisfactory for a specific clinical scenario. One such scenario frequently arises around the lack of implant choice for intramedullary fixation of radius and ulna fractures. Implant is made for the intramedullary fixation of the fractured radius and ulna . The nail can be locked with screws that traverse the nail to prevent rotation.

Target Industries

Orthopapaedic trauma and reconstruction

Unique Features/Benefits

Product is available for most fractures but does can be used for specific fractures like gunshot wounds and pathological fractures.

Competitive Advantage : Anatomically designed and has specifically designed locking holes that make locking easier and shorten the radiation exposure

Innovation Status

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Principal Researchers

Dr HS Pretorius, Dr M Burger, Prof N Ferreira

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Ian van Zyl


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