System for monitoring water stress in grapevines

System for monitoring water stress in grapevines

Technology Description

The technology determines water stress in vineyards through direct temperature measurement of the plant. The system continuously monitors the plant water status and provide information that feeds into irrigation strategies to avoid severe drought or over-irrigation of the vineyards.

The technology can be extended to measure water stress in other crop types over time.

Target Industries


Wine and Grape Industry.



Agriculture focused on producing crops.

Unique Features/Benefits

Continuous systems

The leading solution for continuous water stress measurement is soil moisture sensors. Soil conditions influence the information obtained from these sensors. Our new technology measures plant response directly and is not affected by other factors.


Non-continuous systems

Other techniques commonly used in industry include satellite and drone images, soil analysis and plant sensors (e.g. dendrometers and sap flow sensors). Unfortunately, these techniques cannot provide continuous information, thus negatively impacting the farmer's ability to make quick irrigation decisions. In addition, some of these techniques are expensive and complex, requiring a high level of training.

Innovation Status

The team have successfully tested a second iteration of the prototype sensor and corresponding algorithms under field conditions.


Innovus is looking for partners to commercialise the technology as a product or incorporate it into agricultural management and or irrigation management system.

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Ian van Zyl