Wine filtration system for preventing pinking in white wines

Wine filtration system for preventing pinking in white wines

Technology Description

The filtration system works by pushing the wine out of the bottle using either CO2 or N2 gas. The wine is then pushed into a receptacle that are closed to excluded oxygen contact with the wine. Between the receptacle and the funnel part fits a 0.45 um filter paper. These two units are locked together with a clip. On the funnel part is an outlet that can be connected to a vacuum pump to make the filtration easier.

Target Industries

Industries in which the tech can be used, integrated into the process or be of interest

  • Wine laboratories
  • Laboratory companies that sell: Lasec, Science World, United Scientific, MCL etc.
  • University research laboratories
  • Fruit juice industry etc.

Unique Features/Benefits

The device uses inert gas to push the wine directly out of a bottle or sample bottle. The unit itself can be filled with inert gas beforehand to minimize oxidation. The other units are more dispenser units to displace liquid.

Innovation Status

A patent application has been filed for this invention

Principal Researchers

Dr Anton Nel


Innovus is looking for commercialization partners to develop and maunufacture the device.

Available for licensing



Ian van Zyl