TTO - Idea to Market processes

TTO - Idea to Market processes

The Technology Transfer Office is central to the technology transfer process at universities. The TTOs main role is to support research faculty dis-closure, select the most appropriate IP protection mechanism, enforce intellectual property policies, to be engaged with, and often manage, the  university-industry relationships, and foremost to promote the commercialization of academic knowledge within the private sector to create and increase revenue associated with technological innovation through license royalty income or commercialization in university start-ups for the benefit of society.

In essence technology transfer entails identifying new technology and innovation resulting from funded research and then finding means to protect and commercialize these. There are traditionally two routes for commercialization:

  1. licensing of the intellectual property to existing companies in the private sector (industry partner); or
  2. spinning out (creating) a university start-up venture and contribute the technology under a license to the start-up in exchange for equity and royalty pay-ments, often with an option to later assign the IP to the start-up.

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The Innovus TTO detailed process

The Innovus TTO detailed process can be viewed here:  TTO detailed process