Innovus Instant Access and Trade™

Innovus Instant Access and Trade™


Innovus offers Innovus Instant Access® Licensing which grants easy access to selected cutting edge technologies in our intellectual property portfolio.

We understand that companies are sometimes hesitant to enter into a cumbersome process of negotiation for licensing new and untested technologies. Through Innovus Instant Access ® Licensing, Stellenbosch University fast-tracks this process and provides private sector entities with an opportunity to introduce new technology into their business environments with minimal effort and absolutely no up-front costs.

The available technologies are listed on the Innovus website and interested parties can submit a motivation supporting their request to gain access to specific patented technologies by contacting the specific technology transfer officer. Once approved, Innovus will introduce the company to the researchers involved and subsequently enter into our standard Innovus Instant Access® Technology Licence. This licence is a standard, simplified two-page term sheet permitting interested partners to gain full commercial use of the patented technologies for up to three years in order to assess the impact and potential of those technologies. The assessment period will enable the company to implement it in their business environment and, where appropriate, to test and develop the market for resultant products. The opportunity is free of charge, however, if any income is generated in this process, a minimal R 1 000 licence fee per annum or 1% of the income generated as a result of using the technology, will be applied, whichever is the largest amount.

Through the Innovus Instant Access® Licensing initiative, we significantly lower the barriers to sharing our research outcomes and enable its application for the benefit of the economy and society. To review the content of the AIL, see below. 

Click here to download the Statement of Intent for licence.
Click here to download the license terms of our IAL.