Are you a University faculty member or student with an idea you want to share with the world? Before spilling the beans – through publication or presentation – speak to us to ensure your intellectual property (IP) is properly managed and protected.

At Innovus we have the expertise and resources to help with the effective commercialisation of your idea. By submitting an invention disclosure form, we can support you throughout the process, from assessing the feasibility of your idea, to doing market research and deciding on the most appropriate course of action.

Licensing your idea with an appropriate partner is one way of effecting commercialisation. We will help to source a viable partner and negotiate terms and conditions on your behalf, including upfront fees, milestone payments and royalties. Click here for more information.


Of course, you could also establish a new spin-out company. We have the appropriate tools and services to guide you through the process of starting your own business. 

These include:

·       Limited seed funding;

·       Incubator facilities

·       Legal assistance;

·       Business skills training;

·       Access to business mentors

·       Assistance with writing a business plan;

·       Business advice;

·       Assistance in setting up a business venture;

·       Assistance in developing a strategy for the business;

·       Access to our industry network;

·       Access to other sources of funding, and

·       Negotiation of licensing and other agreements.

When you’re ready, we’ll also help prepare your company for potential investors. Either way, we aim to enhance inventor recognition, gain industry support and collaboration and create significant monetary compensation for you as well as the University.

Our Intellectual Property Policy outlines all the details, including the allocation of income derived from commercialisation. Remember, understanding IP is vital! Protecting your idea gives you a competitive advantage which, in turn, maximises commercialisation potential. Click here to read more about intellectual property, and be sure to read our official Intellectual Property Policy.  If in doubt, speak to our resident IP attorneys for advice.

So, how’s that idea developing? Contact Innovus and let’s get the ball rolling!