Innovus Newsletter 51st Edition

Innovus Newsletter 51st Edition

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“I hold every man a debtor to his profession; from the which as men of course do seek to receive countenance and profit, so ought they of duty to endeavor themselves, by way of amends, to be a help and ornament thereunto." – Sir Francis Bacon

Welcome to our new team members at Innovus

Ravini Moodley: Ravini’s career path forms the perfect puzzle

Not every day, you come across someone whose career path is the perfect culmination of years of hard work, skills development, and continuous learning to prepare her for what she will need in her new role as Technology Transfer Director at Stellenbosch University’s Innovus. It is as if Ravini Moodley is building this perfect career puzzle where she molds every piece perfectly to place it at the right time, in the ideal spot. Read more

Ian van Zyl: If he can’t find the right machine for a job, he builds one

Maybe his love for playing with lego from an early age made Ian the 3D printing wizard he is today. Still, one thing is for sure: Ian van Zyl is a fantastic asset to the Innovus Technology Transfer team, which he joined at the beginning of the year. Read more

Spin-out company in FOCUS : With FluoroBiotech, everything is solvable in nature

It took Stellenbosch University Ph.D. graduates Du Preez van Staden and Ross Vermeulen seventeen years and more than 24 international papers later to develop their unique skills and technology in heterologous protein production and purification to supply the local South African market with proteins or enzymes of interest. Read more

Introducing Instant Startup

Stellenbosch University’s Innovation and Commercialisation Division through its Technology Transfer office, Innovus is launching a brand new tool to provide excellent and ongoing support to our staff and students wishing to create a new spin-out company. We are proud to introduce the Instant Startup Toolkit, a platform for entrepreneurial teams to explore, collaborate, learn and record the growth of their business ideas into companies. Here they will find the latest startup tools, techniques and governance requirements needed by a business in one secure platform. Read more

Stellenbosch Network : Finalists announced for the ‘Smart Kayamandi’ #IdeasForChange Challenge

Following months of deliberation, Stellenbosch Network has crowned Chuma Lalendle and Sbahle Mgijima as the winners of the fourth edition of the #IdeasForChange Challenge. The two young innovators walked away with a R20 000 cash prize to support their ‘Smart Trolley Recycling’ idea. They had gone head-to-head with Retief Louw, who developed New-Queue, a WhatsApp-based chatbot that automates the scheduling of clinical appointments and two postgraduate students at Stellenbosch University, Tinobokashe Ncube and Onai Mtengwa, who secured their spot in the finals thanks to their idea to use mobile technology to support the ability of households to grow more successful kitchen gardens. Read more


Neelsie Cinema opens with a spectacular showcase.

The new look Neelsie Cinema opened its doors officially on Friday, 3 March 2023, showcasing this unique multifunctional venue's new features. Guests were entertained by film and dance in techno colours and welcomed by Anita Nel, Chief Director Innovus, Stellenbosch University's Chief Director Innovation, and Commercialisation. Read more

Stellenbosch University Botanical Garden launches new specialist gift shop.

The beloved gift shop at Stellenbosch University Botanical Garden is re-launching in March in a spacious new building on the grounds, with botanically focused products, homeware and rare plants on offer. House brand products, rare seeds and plants from specialist suppliers, and select items from the historic SUBG plant collections will be exclusively available at the shop. Read more

Neelsie Student Centre welcomes 3@1.

The Maties Copy & Print shop which used to be located inside the Matie Shop has relocated to the newly established Neelsie 3@1 Business Centre. Read more

SU Advantage – Learners can access SU Advantage for only R99 per month.

In its endeavour to support learning in high schools, SU developed an online supplementary education platform — SU Advantage — for learners in grades 10, 11 and 12. Combining technology with teaching in a controlled and supportive manner. The platform offers video clips, quizzes, workbooks, past examination papers and bi-weekly live lessons where learners can engage with teachers in real-time to get insight into topics they do not yet fully understand. Read more

Gradlinc – a simple solution to South Africa’s graduate unemployment crisis

As unemployment took a hard knock in South Africa in recent years, the pressure became worse for unemployed graduates as only approximately 30% of graduates¹ 1 find employment. This led to the birth of Gradlinc, a bespoke career development platform, and national database that was built with the aim to connect graduates and employers.Read more