App-solutely Innovative!

App-solutely Innovative!

Every bank, borehole business, bagel bakery and barista have an app these days. But mobile applications are still one of the most convenient, accessible ways to connect people to things, and the business app industry is booming. Well, now Innovus has one, too.

At Innovus, there is no difficulty in finding incredible ideas; the ones that are set to change the world. The difficulty lies in finding the right people to help elevate those ideas to a level where they can compete on a global scale, and this often takes a while. The fact is, we need investors, licensors and partners, as they are a critical part of the technology transfer ecosystem and they are hungry for the technology we represent.

Innovus decided to put the two sides together, in the same pocket. After months of development, our new Innovus app is about to be released. As a digital platform, it collates all the information on all our companies, and delivers it in a way that is easy to browse, simple to connect through and, dare we say it, fairly alluring, to boot.

So, now, anyone looking for a start-up to invest in, a revolutionary technology to license or even emerging trends in innovation, can do so from their phone. It also keeps students, faculty and alumni in touch with what is happening in the world of Innovus. Nifty!

“We work hard to find the right industry partners for SU’s awesome technologies,” says our CEO, Anita Nel. “With this new app, users have quick access to what is happening at our technology transfer office in real time. With one touch, venture capitalists and interested licensors can connect with us and learn about investment opportunities and our latest innovations. Also our researchers, entrepreneurs and students can see how their research can have real-world applications.”

The app is available, for free, from both the Apple iTunes store, and the Google Play store, and the one-touch accessibility will not only attract new business to our office and the companies we represent but also educate those outside Innovus’ direct sphere of influence on the massive opportunities we make available.

This is just the MVP version, however. The next iterations, that will be happening over the coming months, will also allow users to keep up with relevant events, like seminars and entrepreneurship days, SU Short Courses information and commercialisation opportunities. We are also hoping to build additional functionalities that would allow outsiders to ‘favourite’ and track the technologies they are most interested in, vote on viability and a host of other interactive features.

Make sure you grab the app, check out the incredible companies we are lucky enough to work with, and let us know what you think!